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You May Qualify for a Free, No Obligation, Confidential "Short Sale" Consultation



There are typically three problems with Short Sales:


  1. Most owners do not have a buyer lined up to even start the process.

  2. Most agents don’t have buyers in their back pockets looking for short sales because it takes too long.

  3. No one ever explains to the homeowner that just by listing the property doesn’t mean that it’s going to sell.


There’s specialized work involved to get a short sale APPROVED and SOLD. That’s where we come in. We are a licensed real estate brokerage that specializes in working with clients looking to buy and sell discounted short sales.


We have been successfully completing short sales throughout the real estate crash even before the banks started to realize how the short sale benefits them just as much as the buyer… even if the owner is not late on their payments.


We have buyers that are interested in buying short sales deals. Not every deal, but certain homes in certain neighborhoods. 


These buyers are local and from out-of-state that want foreclosure prices, but don’t want the frustrations typically associated with buying a foreclosure like the negotiations, renovations, and even the deal finding portion. They just want to BUY now at a discount.  

So, if you have a home that may be going into foreclosure or already in progress, you need to contact us because we may have a buyer interested in your property. We are a licensed real estate company that specializes in Short Sales.


We don’t just want to list your property, we want to sell it….. and we have the program in place to do it.


Please fill in the short form below to see if we can match you up with one of our buyers… you are under no obligation and it’s absolutely FREE.



* We can only offer this service to residents of the greater metropolitan Detroit area with certain types of homes in certain areas. We will respond within 48 hours to let you know if you qualify.


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Please consult with a tax professional regarding the potential tax consequences for your particular situation. Our goal is to provide you with sufficient information to help you choose the right option based on your current situation. Nothing is represented as tax advise as every situation may result in different tax consequences.

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