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If you are facing foreclosure… and

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"We can sell your house even if you owe more than it's worth... and the lender will forgive the difference!"



We are a licensed Michigan real estate broker that understands your situation… Can explain your options… And can quickly stop the foreclosure process - by using a "Short Sale" strategy,  without costing you a single penny



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Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. The cold hard fact of life is the vast majority of Foreclosures happen to the hardest working people on the planet… good people just like you.  


If you have fallen a few months behind on your mortgage payments due to circumstances that are beyond your control... we know what you are going through.  


And although it may seem like a small comfort at the moment, you’re not alone According to Realtytrac™  U.S. Foreclosure Market Report; 3,157,806 foreclosure filings were reported nationwide in 2008, up 81% from 2007 and a foreclosure rate of one filing for every 54 U.S. households.  Michigan’s foreclosure rate was even worse with a total of 145,365 foreclosure filings or one out of every 43 households.  


You don’t have to face foreclosure alone; we can help you quickly get out of this situation.


My name is Larry Robertson, and I work with a team of local experts that specialize in completing short sales with home owners in the metropolitan Detroit area who are having problems making their home mortgage payments.  And, because we specialize in the metropolitan Detroit area, we understand the local real estate market conditions.  Don’t waste your time with companies that serve larger markets.  You are just another case file to them.  We can sit down with you face to face and explain your options.


Whether you have one or more mortgages on your home or NO EQUITY because you owe more than you can sell the house for, you still have options.

If you have already determined that you have no equity in your home, then your options are severely limited.  If this is the case, we are most likely the ONLY option you have right now to avoid having a Deficiency Judgment placed on your credit report.  If that happens, it will negatively affect your credit score for the next 7-10 years.

We can save your credit from complete destruction
AND stop the banks from harassing you.

Facing foreclosure is an emotionally charged event.  Most owners in situations like yours have intense feelings of fear and anxiety.  These confusing thoughts can lead you to emotional, instead of logical, actions and decisions.  Making emotional decisions is NEVER a good idea when it comes to your home and your money.


Homeowners who focus solely on saving their home without considering their entire financial picture often end up in even deeper trouble because they fail to look at the short AND long term affects of their emotionally charged decisions.  We can help you make a logical decision that will not only stop your current foreclosure, but will also set you up for future financial success. 


If you’re ready to put foreclosure behind you once and for all, we may be able to negotiate a "Short Sale" with the lender on your behalf for a lower mortgage payoff, sell your house, help you save what’s left of your credit so you can move on with your life… and put this problem way behind you.


The “Short Sale” is a strategy used by the lenders to sell their properties at a discount in order to keep from having to go through the long, expensive foreclosure process. It can be very beneficial to a homeowner that is experiencing a hardship as well. By providing the proper documentation and locating a qualified buyer, the lender may authorize the sale of the home at a discount - for less than what is owed on the mortgage, and forgive the difference. If the discount is substantial enough, it becomes more attractive for the potential buyer to buy your home.    


Short Sales are really a Win-Win-Win.


The lenders get their money, the homeowner typically gets to save their credit, and the buyers typically get a home that is “Move -In” condition along with a substantial discount.



Imagine the overwhelming relief when you get out of the financial mess you’re in… 

  • Without spending money you don’t have

  • Without public embarrassment or humiliation

  • Without any more emotional pain, stress, or sleepless nights

  • Without dragging your kids through upsetting chaos and confusion

  • Without ending up in a worse financial jam a few months from now

  • Without destroying your credit beyond repair so that you CAN have the good life you deserve once again

Many times we will even buy personal property that you want to sell, to help you get money to move on.

  • For the next 60 days, we are paying up to $1,000 for your working appliances.



Please don't leave this website without taking at least ONE pro-active step to solving your problem. Request a copy of this informative FREE audio CD report:


This report will help you avoid the most common Foreclosure pitfalls and traps you may encounter. Get the facts you need to STOP your foreclosure as quickly as possible, without costing you a single penny.


Simply enter your contact information and I will rush you this informative CD.


Unfortunately, we can only help a limited number of homeowners on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are serious about stopping your foreclosure,  please do not delay or you may end up on our waiting list.


Best wishes for your speedy financial recovery,



Please consult with a tax professional regarding the potential tax consequences for your particular situation. Our goal is to provide you with sufficient information to help you choose the right option based on your current situation. Nothing is represented as tax advise as every situation may result in different tax consequences.


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